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 Is it just me or being Jewish living Jewish something that affects every thought that passes through my mind all day every day?  There's been a lot of negativity at work lately. I pray before going in not only out of thanks to Hashem for having a job, but for the fortitude it requires not to engage in lashon hara. So easy to do when some of what is being said is true.  Prayer does change things. Thankfully, we pray a lot.  And even if the immediate benefit is not evident, it is the state of mind that prayer lends to.  The calm and peace felt after heartfelt thanks.
The mitzvah I work on this week is controlling lashon hara. Usually, I keep my tongue silent. I do not speak ill of anyone. I don't even share anyone's happy news.  My mouth doesn't open to form words that are not mine to share.  The sneaky thing is aside from gossip and slander, evil words can come in tricky guises.  Speaking ill over a situation is not good.  Having a bad day at work and instead of basking in the gratitude required of one who has the joy of gainful employment,  I complained.  This week I work to the end of being grateful in my speech at all times. And not some fraudelent appreciation, but my heart recognizes that Hashem has made such a good and pleasant way for me.  I do not work outside in the heat of summer nor do I toil in some repeated trivial task, but I have opportunity to flourish and grow as much as my work merits. And I work as though I do it for the glory of Hashem.  For it is in His glory, that I succeed. It is my prayer and with every success said prayer fulfilled.  And the simple task of reporting to work is a testiment to His favor and mercy, if it had not been for Him. I would have nothing.  I'm forever thankful and this week this moment even right now, I bridle my tongue that it may be in line with pleasant and living words that honor Hashem in proper praise for all that He continues to do in this unfinished work I call life. 
Praise be to Hashem, my G-d!!